Practice areas

At OLO, we have legal expertise and legal experience representing clients in all phases of litigation. Contact us, and ask about our successes in each of these practice areas:

School and Higher Education Law
Student discipline, search and seizure, due process violations, school board hearings, teacher and staff grievances, student bullying and harassment, civil rights violations.

Workers' Compensation
Unpaid medical bills, weekly disability benefits, permanent impairment, vocational rehabilitation, third party claims, lump sum settlement.

Personal Injury
Car accidents, motorcycle injuries, slip and falls, wrongful death, bicycle accidents, defective products, insurance disputes.

Landlord & Tenant
Leases, security deposits, evictions, lack of heat, breach of habitability, consumer protection act, premises damage, constructive eviction.

Wrongful termination, gender discrimination, breach of employment contract, disability discrimination, retaliation, non-compete agreements, unemployment, wage and hour claims.

Boundary disputes, timber trespass, zoning board hearings, purchase and sale agreements, trespass, mechanic's lien.

General Civil Litigation
Breach of contract, replevin, mediation, probate disputes, social security disability, appeals, small business litigation.

Other Areas of Legal Practice

Can we be everything to everyone? No, it just doesn't work that way, and it doesn't serve our clients' best interests. When there are areas in which OLO does not provide services, we seek to partner with attorneys and other professionals who can help our clients.